Decided to eat porridge for lunch today. Since I have no experience whatsoever in making porridge, I’d decided to try it by using a rice cooker. Yeap~ it works! Since we don’t have a stove here in the hostel…and we’re not allowed to cook…rice cooker is the only option. Below are the ingredients for making my own recipe of porridge. I was just experimenting. Mind you, I can’t cook gourmet meals or delicious cuisines. I can only cook the simple meals like frying an egg or a hot dog. Lol~ I think I’m gonna start to learn how to cook from now on.

Red rice



The real deal…lol~
I had to wait for about an hour or less for the rice to turn into porridge. Patience is a virtue~ x) After that, I inserted in one egg in the rice cooker while the porridge was still cooking. Next up was the flavouring and lastly I inserted in the real deal~ miahaha~~~

And voila! Soya sauce chicken porridge with potatoes is ready to be served!


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