Proselytizing on school grounds? Unnecessary.

I understand that adherents of every religion have a desire for each and everyone to embrace their way of life and beliefs. But please, leave them out of the school compound.

There are instances where I hear teachers ‘help’ with the proselytizing of the students. As teachers, isn’t teaching our responsibility? Since when do we have duties to proselytize on school grounds? If you really want to preach about the goodness and beauty of your religion, preach to the students who are already adherents of the same religion that you also profess in yourself. Leave the students of other religions to the teachers that profess the same religion as the students.
What I sense here is the obsession of wanting to add quantity of new converts thus making it the majority (or just to increase its percentage even if it’s already the majority) instead of improving the quality of the faith of the original adherents (students) of the religion. What’s the point of being large in quantity but lacking in terms of quality? Many of the students, I believe, are still exploring their own beliefs and faiths. So, instead of proselytizing, why don’t we focus on students who are already adherents of the same religion as us and guide them to be a better follower of the religion?
I strongly believe that unnecessary proselytizing should be kept away from schools. 

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