Racism and discrimination

I was blog roaming a few minutes ago and I came across with one of my cousin’s blog posts. It was about racism. I live in a multicultural country where racism and discrimination still exists. Yep, sad to say. Why would they look down on other religions or races? Some of the people here don’t get the same privileges as other people just because of their race or religion. I felt discriminated once…when I was in high school. That made me realize how racism and discrimination affects other people badly. We are all the same. What’s more depressing was…some people tend to judge the whole race based only on one person. That’s really immature don’t u think???? Just accept the fact that some people are better than us and don’t sabotage them by looking down on them or insult them. Whether they are better than us or not, we should accept them for who they are and we should look ourselves in the mirror before we judge others. Nobody is perfect. I am sometimes angry when I know someone is being discriminated against or when someone mentioned a very racist statement to me even though the statement does not point out to me. I DESPISE RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION….

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