Reading this memoir in Kota Kinabalu

Read an excerpt of this memoir, ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’ during ‘Contemporary Literature’ class that it got me interested to read the rest of it. There are two things that we must remember when reading a work of fiction (which is also the message that the author attempts to deliver regarding this memoir): 
1. On various perspectives, the world of fiction coincides with the world that we live in.

2. Open mindedness is essential when it comes to reading literature that tends to display values that oppose to our own.

This book is worth the read if you’re into literature. I surely enjoyed it. Plus, I’m amazed at the the author’s passion and enthusiasm to share her knowledge on the plethora of literary works that she’d studied even in the midst of various ordeals that she went through particularly those that happened in Tehran. 

A person once told me that reading a work of fiction in any way does not benefit him at all. Well, this type of book can surely change his mind.

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