My river of thoughts flowing rigorously that will somehow turn into a gigantic tsunami. That it will one day eat up my mind alive, showing no mercy, finally making me drown under the merciless waters. How I had wished my thoughts were just a speck of dust, easily blown away with a puff of reassurance. While my mind’s eye sees a monstrous future, my soul pecks and grabs on it like it is the only thing that is left in the world. 
The need for reason is blown away by this sudden irrationality. I see soil made up of liquid. I taste sugar in the form of spice. I hold a huge rock that feels like tiny leaves. Reason, how I wish it would come back to me. Back into my palms. Back into my soul. Back into my mind. To give me freedom in this worldly confinement.
Let my soul and mind dance together to the beat of reason. Because that’s what my intellect desires. 

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