Redbull: Battle of Borneo…coming soon…..

So, apart from this upcoming semester break, Redbull: Battle of Borneo is coming. It’s a bboy event that will be held in 1Borneo during the 21st and 22nd of november. That is when the semester break is starting. For this 1st semester, i won’t be having any exams. Lucky for me, I can focus more on the competition. Why? Coz im joining…yes…i’ll be participating this highlighted event of the year. Many local bboys persuaded me to join. Somehow I feel appreciated but then at the same time I don’t think that I should deserve the appreciation. Haih~ Well, I somehow have low self confidence when it comes to bboying. I don’t have much tricks. But there are so many bboying tricks that are on my mind right now. I just don’t have the time to train since I am staying in a college hostel. I’ll train often during this semester break. What about my preparations for the upcoming battle?? Luckily I have a place to train. It’s located at Putatan! My hometown! Eventhough I don’t have many bboying tricks, at least I should hit my moves clean. CLEAN is what I’m aiming for. My crewmates for the 3 on 3 battle will be Bboy Matt and BBoy Xel.

This is US…training at Taman Teluk Villa, Putatan.


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