It has been a year plus since I’ve done photomanipulation. I suddenly had the urge to do a latest one after browsing through my gallery in deviant art. I’d been busy lately hence I didn’t have the time to do any photomanipulation plus there were no inspirations for me to do them. I’m on my 2 week holiday right now therefore I found some time for myself to do some creative artwork. *big smile*

Here’s my latest artwork~


Credits to caoimhe-stock

Tadaa~~ (I call it ‘runaway’.)
I’ve added in some brushes and textures as well.
I’m not quite satisfied with it though~ There’s a bit of a flaw in this one. Hm~
You guys can check out my Deviant Art page here.
P/s: There will be more photomanipulated pictures coming up! Wait for it~


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