I’ve found scrapbooking to be an excellent idea for keeping memories. Not only for putting pictures but also for other things. Like your favourite quotes that you get from books, or a piece of drawing a friend of yours had given to you. Anything that has a sentimental value in it. Scrapbooking started way back in early 15th Century England (source). 
I wanted to have a medium that can keep  almost everything that has a sentimental value in it to me. Of course nowadays, pictures can be kept in an online album or memories and thoughts can be expressed through any social networking websites (i.e. blogs).  I myself am using these types of media. However, there is a limit to it – which is creativity . Through scrapbooking, you can decorate the pages in any way you like. You can use whatever materials that you have lying around in your house (i.e. threads, lace, fabric, flower petals, leaves etc.) and decorate them in your scrapbook by using your own creativity. Of course there is this thing called a ‘digital scrapbook’ but in my opinion, nothing beats with the real thing.
I hope I would be able to continue filling in my scrapbook until the day I die. Hopefully until I have my own grandchildren…or great grandchildren if that’s possible. Because I want them to see what my era was like. Through the things that I collect and put in my scrapbook, not only does it convey memories, but they also convey the time and era that I was from. 
What better way to start off a scrapbook by putting in a picture of my family and also two of my favourite quotations.

Movie tickets can also have a sentimental value to it.

The fabric I used is of the same fabric that I used for my DIY camera bag.



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