Sensing & Feeling

The morning dew slides down from the leaf to the soil;
The figures I see are all twisted and coiled.
I smell the fresh Sun climbing above my head;
I get up and go grab a mold infested bread.
The birds are singing signifying hope;
I watch them in envy wishing I had a full day to cope.
I turn on the radio and it plays a harmonious tune;
I’m afraid my ears will only be wrapped like a cocoon.
I stir my coffee and sniff its symbol of initiation and energy;
I offer myself a taste but it had only made me more groggy.
A shower in the morning to make me anew;
But the water streams down the drain like my life would do.
When the Sun retires and let darkness resume,
I faint in the night to let the end of the day fume.

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