Slowly putting me into an end.

As the hour stretches from morning until this moment my mind kept wondering to this particular place. The place where the living would like to believe where the souls roam, leaving behind a story, a past, whilst created history bearing one’s name. 
Do I walk this life having a purpose in mind? A goal? I see the road stretching out before me, creating branches along its way with not knowing where to turn. One road may be longer than the other thus the time spent on that road makes it dreadful. It’s a few miles away before I could grasp my longed desire right here in my hands. 
But along the road there could be a stop sign, it’s not time that won’t permit me to turn back but right there and then the end of that road grabs me, with its strong hold I unwillingly give in. My body may struggle but my soul can’t. Pictures of my life flash right before me, the smiles, laughter & cries I heard from my loved ones are all spread through along the road like an old black & white film playing on the screen. Suddenly the cries are louder, masking all the laughter ever so slowly, engulfing, fading to the distant beyond. That’s all my ears have swallowed for now.

My soul will disappear into a place where none of the living has entered. 

Death knocks me out of my subconsciousness, aware that it too will suffocate me into its arms. Slowly putting me into an end. 

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