South Korea trip 2017

The Korean wave has been a global phenomenon for (at least) the past 10-15 years. It has greatly contributed to their nation’s economic development. Why did my friends and I choose to travel to Seoul, South Korea this time? Well, each of us has our own personal reasons. As for me, firstly, I wanted to experience autumn (Yes, pity this little human from the tropical country). Secondly, I wanted to learn about other cultures. Not only the physical aspect of it, but also in interacting with the people there. Learning about other cultures through first hand experience is different from when you read about it in books or knew about it through watching television/videos.
My friends and I planned this trip since we came back from our Japan trip last year. We immediately decided on it and did not think of other countries. LOL. We stayed at Sinchon Kimchee Guest House. If you’re looking for a place to stay just to sleep and wash up, this place is perfect for you. From my experience, apart from getting a few bites from the bed bugs (yes, yikes), it’s fairly satisfactory. Besides, it’s close to a nearby train station (about 10 minutes walk) so that it’s easier for us to commute around Seoul. 
How about food? Well, two of my friends are Muslims so we ate in Halal or Muslim-friendly restaurants throughout the whole trip. It’s not that hard to find. Make use of the internet. Here’s a tip, when travelling, rent a portable wifi so that you can use Google map to track the location of the restaurant (or any destination that you’re headed to for that matter). I’ve also learnt that Google translate is useful. Many of the people in South Korea can’t speak or understand English, well, at least for the older generation. We actually used Google translate to communicate with some of the elders in Seoul when we were buying some stuff. From my observation, many of the younger generation can actually understand and speak English. Perhaps it’s due to the rising awareness of the importance of English. But my observation is only limited to those living in the city. Perhaps it would be a different scenario when it comes to other parts of South Korea.

With my travel buddies.

Read the signboard

Nami Island

Petite france

Still at Petite France

Lotte World. You should spend the whole day here and try to go on all of the rides, if not, your money will go to waste. I rode on a roller coaster for the first time in my life.

Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Shopping heaven! I bought skincare. 😀

The biggest cathedral in South Korea located at Myeongdong. Christianity in South Korea is on the rise. 

Everyone seems to express their love for their partner by writing their names on the locks. But all I was wondering while looking at the locks was – ‘I wonder who lasts and who didn’t.’ I know. Bitter. HAHA.

What I typically do whenever I travel. hehe
Book haul!
I got them from Kyobo Bookstore, Incheon Airport, and South Korea National Museum. I’m curious to know what makes South Korea as it is today and what affects its people’s behavior towards certain issues or practical matters. 

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