Step Up 3!!!

Among all of the dance movies that I’ve seen, this is the BEST dance movie I’ve ever seen so far! Compared watching it alone in a small screen laptop and watching it with your best buddies who are ‘satu kepala’ with you in front of a big screen cinema…watching it with your best buddies who are ‘satu kepala’ with you in front of a big screen cinema is even BETTER!!! We sat at the front…the most front (because we ordered the ticket quite late so those were the only few seats that were available…hahaha)…it was mind blowing!!! We missed few parts of the movie though, but it didn’t matter. I felt like no one else was at the cinema except for us~ LOL! And for the record, it was the first time I shouted with excitement in a cinema. Usually I would behave. Hahaha~~~ Only bboys/bgirls would understand why I would act in such a way.

My opinion of the movie? I was super2 satisfied with it! The dances were dope! Professional dancers were in it. It even has connections with the 2 previous movies. The dances were well choreographed. We can even learn something from the movie. It was an inspirational movie for me. Not only I was inspired by the dance but also the storyline. This time, younger kids appeared in the movie. They were no ordinary kids because they were bboys and bgirls! Eventhough they are still young, the can smoke any bboys/bgirls who are older than them. For me, that was the climax of the movie for me. That was when I shouted with excitement. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A CINEMA!!! Luckily the sound from the movie was loud and my voice couldn’t top over the sound from the movie. hahahah~~ xD So dancer or no dancer, you won’t regret watching this movie! Plus the actors were hawt!!! Peace!!! 😉
P/s: I’m downloading all the soundtracks from this movie. Weee~~~

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