The Day Ahead

The rays of the sun squared from the window by her right. She would observe her surroundings. Her room to be exact which has a colour theme of peach, brown, & white. She rose her body from the comfy bed and folded the blanket. She walked out of the room and straightaway went to the kitchen to make some coffee. She  Her favourite morning fix would be Nescafe’s Hazelnut White Coffee flavour. Just as she poured the powder from the packet, she remembered she had not boiled any water which became her first disappointment in the morning. She took out the kettle, filled it with water, placed it on the stove and turned on the fire. Now she had to wait for a few minutes before she could have a taste of her usual morning indulgence. She then took out two loaves of bread and put them in the toaster. That’s another thing to wait for. She leaned against the kitchen counter and gazed outside. The hollow space above was blue with soft white cotton-like creations floating around it.
In that moment of waiting, the melody of the birds entered the kitchen. It was as if the melody gave her the reassurance that the day will be hopeful. That nothing such as forgetting to boil the water first could defeat the hope that was promised.
‘Ding!’ went the sound of the toaster as the loaves of bread jumped from it simultaneously. Seconds later the kettle whistled. She was a bit startled by the sound but was delighted that she could experience her morning indulgence soon enough. She poured hot water into her favourite white cup & spread butter on the bread. As she sat down while delighting in her favourite morning consumption, silence accumulated the kitchen. she resumed her ears towards the melody of the birds and resumed her thoughts on what the day had in store for her…or what she had in store for the day.
While she took a sip from her cup of favourite flavour of coffee, a familiar voice was heard but the face was unseen said, 
‘Ah, so you’re awake. Just heard the news.” 
A middle-aged man who looked younger than his age emerged at the kitchen door. “The doctor said your grandma is allowed to go home. She’s getting better. Do you want to join me and go to the hospital? You can help me pack up her stuff.”
After that sip, with a smile, she put down her cup of coffee on the table. “That’s good news! I’d love to, dad.”

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