The emerging woman

This is just an attempt to creatively make a quote out of Photoshop CS6. Just to kill the boredom.

It is a line of quote in the classical novel called ‘Old- Fashioned Girl’ written by Louisa May Alcott. After reading one of her works called ‘Little Woman’, I became more interested in reading more of her work. I’m fascinated by the genre and message that she tried to impart to the readers – which is feminism. From what I had read about her, most of her novels have feminism as the main idea. I have yet to collect and read her other novels.
I stumbled upon this quote on while I was just randomly searching for quotes from Louisa May Alcott. This quote attracted me in a way that despite the fragile nature of a woman, a woman should be strong on the inside and outside and not submit to the stereotypical statement that says women are weak.

p/s: I finally had the time to change my blog layout! This time I tweaked the html codes a little bit.

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