Then and Now

A vivid image of me b-girling still lingers in my head everytime I think about it. My heart was pumping with excitement and anxiety at the same time. Crowds were cheering. Music was beating. Although the movements were brief, it was enough to make me pant after finishing one set. The opposing crew taunted me but I kept going. Those were the memories. Not only did I get to express myself through dancing, but new bonds were created. I learned about the culture and also the people in the culture.
Now, it seemed distant for me to experience it all over again. Being in a new place of study restricted me to continue with the experience. At times I do miss it. But most times, as new commitments were piling up, to experience the b-girling life again became even more distant. The experience only seemed to be a memory at the back of my head.
Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy watching other b-boys and b-girls in action. I still support the culture just as long as it does not go against moral standards. Some of my friends are still active in the b-boy and b-girling circle. I’m still good friends with them. We get in touch from time to time. I guess now I’m more of a supporter and a spectator of the scene than an active participant of the scene. Nevertheless, I am proud to say that I was labeled as the first b-girl in Sabah…eventhough I was not that amazing with my moves. 🙂

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