Thoughts on paper

I’ve decided to practice journal keeping. I find that most of the time, my thoughts are loud although I’m quite most of the time. It would be a waste not to write them down. But why not just write my thoughts on this blog? Because not everything should be put up on the net. Simple. Whatever things that I’ve done, the things that happened around me, reflections should be done. It works best if they are written down to be read later so that it can act as a reminder. Journal keeping has its health benefits. It’s healthy for the heart and mind. It also gives a positive outlook on one’s life. Plus the need to improve my fugly handwriting. HAHAHA.
I know it requires time & commitment to be able to frequently write my thoughts down. Although I won’t be writing on a daily basis but I hope it would be frequent. Will I ever let anyone read it? Maybe. But only 1 person deserves to know its content. 
I made this from scratch. 🙂

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