Timeless tunes

Soft movement of fingers pressing against the row of black & white keys. Every press it makes lets out a melody that creates a tune that is synonymous to tranquility. 6 strings vibrates with every pluck or strum. Added with the blow of a saxophone, all of these are accompanied with the beat of a soft chime. The tunes complement one another as though they are of the same entity. My ears would welcome them. As my soul craves for such tranquility, such tunes make fine company in moments of solitude.

Slow rhythm, which to me is never a bore. Pair the tunes with your eyes skimming through the words on a book. From my experience, the pair goes well hand in hand. Imagination still flows while uninterrupted by the sounds of the pressing of musical black & white keys and strumming musical strings. Although the tunes play over and over with the same arrangement, same chords, same set of instruments, these ears will never find them old. These are the tunes that are considered timeless. 

Jazz is timeless.

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