To edit or not to edit? That is the question~

In the topic of enhancing and editing the shots that I took, I was quite confused. Some say that I should not edit nor enhance my pictures at all because it’s not true photography. I do agree because it has another name for it. Some say editing and enhancing pictures give an amazing effect to the picture and also to the viewer. I believe its called ‘art photography’. Well, in this world, there are no humans who think 100% alike. People have their own styles, their ways, their own opinions regarding anything that they are passionate about. But sometimes, we have to consider other people’s opinions too because we can learn from them.

Apart from applying photography skills and theories in my shots and also making full use of the settings in my DSLR (I don’t have to apply Gaussian blur using PS on my pictures anymore like what I usually do before owning a DSLR camera and I also can control the brightness of the flash), I usually edit, enhance and manipulate my pictures which some of the editing aspects that the camera doesn’t do. It gives a different feel to a person. It also sends amazement to the viewer as it is something that the human eye is not able to see naturally. I like to add in a little bit of tone to my pictures as well because I believe it sends a different kind of sensibility to the viewer because that kind of sensibility cannot be seen by the human eye alone. I like to give that type of impact to the viewers. I believe this type of photography exists. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s called ‘art photography’. It may have other definitions but one of them is this. But too much editing is also a no-no as it ruins the message of the picture.

However, I also see the beauty of not enhancing, editing or manipulating the pictures at all by only applying photography skills & knowledge in the shots. Most of the time we need to see memories in a piece of photograph with the exact texture, colours, etc. that the human eye can naturally see. Therefore, we only have to depend on our camera settings to do the magic and photoshop is not needed.

Receiving criticisms does have its benefits. You get to explore more beyond from what you can usually do and also to improve oneself. Therefore, I would like to do both because both types of photography are amazing to me. I’ll try to switch it back and forth from time to time. I’ll try to post some non-edited pictures in my next project. Wait for it bebeh~! A little bit of versatility won’t hurt anyone right?


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