Trust *edited*

Have u ever felt like u are hiding everything from everyone?
Including the ones who are closest to u?
Have u ever felt like u wanted to tell someone something but just couldn’t?
Have u ever felt like u never trusted anybody except urself?
I did…
I kinda have a hard time trusting people including the ones closest to me… I never trusted anyone. I would be reluctant to tell them something about me. I would tell them somehow but I would usually be reluctant. I keep many things to myself. I couldn’t even share my feelings to them especially my sad-broken-hearted feelings. I used to keep quiet about things like these. I never open up to anyone. I kept it all inside of me. And I still do most of the time… I just don’t know who to trust. I have this thing against telling people some of the things about myself. Can they be quiet about it and not tell other people when I tell them not to? Not even 1 person? Not telling anyone…ever?? Forever??? Without causing any chaos??? Misunderstandings??? People twisting the truth about u??? See how far I’m thinking just cuz of this???? I’m a girl of many secrets.
I testified this to the whole class during the 1st week of the new semester…and also in front of one of my lecturers. He said that I shouldn’t hide things from people especially the ones that I’m close to. It’ll lower down my confidence. It’s true. I do have lack of confidence. I admit that. I don’t know how it is related, but it somehow does. *hmmm*
What I’m saying is…we should learn to trust people. But off course, some people are not meant to be trusted a.k.a back-stabbers so we should be careful. Analyse that person first.
I’ve been opening up to my friends lately about my feelings. It feels good. I feel relieved and comforted. I’m grateful for having them. It feels good to have someone to talk to when you’re down…especially the ones who understand your situation. Rather than keeping it all inside you. Now that is one thing that I have been willing to be open about…feelings. There are still many aspects of myself that I keep to myself.
There are still some things that I’d rather keep to myself. You can’t be too open about yourself to other people right?
Just share what u are willing to share…

Fwenzzz~~~~ ^^
I’m learning to trust people slowly~~ One step at a time.


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