The presentation that my group did for our counselling assignment this semester sure has got me interested in people with personality disorders. I find these types of people are interesting to do a case study for. It is in fact rare to personally know a person with a personality disorder. Sometimes I thought of myself having some kind of personality disorder. Crazy isn’t it? Sometimes doing too much research regarding such things really get in your head. Off course I tend to be moody and all but I think that is just hormonal imbalance and it is that ‘time’ of the month.

We don’t know for sure amongst the people around us who have mental disorders until they show signs. Some may assume, when not doing any in-depth research, it is just an attitude problem. But when some evidence starts to emerge, ranging from the person’s social life, past life and present attitude, it all seems to fall into place. Some are easily identifiable, while some takes time and evidence to prove the presence of a certain disorder that is present in an individual.
When you think about it, it’s kind of scary and pitiful at the same time……

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