uwww….what does this method do? @_@

Studying Ethnic Relations
I’ve found a new method of studying. That is…taking down notes while reading. Ok, some of you might have discovered this method eons ago. So have I. I just never had the initiative to apply this method to my studying technique. Yes, I’m kind of lazy when it comes to writing things down. I think that explains the messy-sometimes-unreadable handwriting (enlarge the above picture if you wanna know how unreadable & messy sometimes my handwriting is). I finally had the initiative to write down the information that I read at the same time because I wanna revise later using only the notes. I hope this method will work on me. As we all know, not all suggested methods will work on every student. What’s your method of studying? Was it a success? Or did it fail you somehow?
p/s: Lately, I feel hungry all the time. What food do I need to indulge myself with now?

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