Yesterday Morning

This scenery reminded me of my dad’s hometown in Bonduk.
The striking heat and brightness of the sun made the day almost perfect for me. It didn’t rain at all.

Studied counselling.
Milo and Potato crisp as my breakfast – the hunger stopped only for 2 hours.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a realization after reading a person’s Facebook status, that there are some parts of us that people will never like. The things that we do, unconsciously, might annoy people and also might result in hatred or jealousy. It is the matter that sometimes we are not able to understand why and how they are prone to feel that way about us.

Sometimes it might be our own fault. Being egocentric and not consider to be empathetic. Sometimes it might be because of them themselves. They have different ways of doing things and their ways are incompatible with our ways. Or maybe we have the things that are absent in their lives. This goes to show that everyone is unique and have their own ways of thinking. I believe that everyone in this earth is different and that is why conflicts occur.

As humans, we know that we have the desire to be liked by people. But in reality, there will always be people that will not like us for who we are due to certain differences that they are not able or willing to accept. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept reality.

Throughout our lives, we can’t always please people because like I said earlier, everyone is different. Off course, attitudes affect everyone, whether they are positive or negative attitudes. However, this does not mean that we can’t make them understand about us at all and accept us for who we are and the things we do.

But in the end, we should realize that we cannot please everyone.

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