You’ll soon be mine…hopefully~

It’s the cheapest Nikon DSLR camera that I can find around KK. It may have some cons but I don’t mind because its cons does not affect the pictures and all. It still produces nice pictures. Nikon is said to have the best picture quality than other brands. After buying it, I’ll be aiming for its extended lenses. ^^ palan2 bo gia~ haha~ Click review here.

I hope it will still be in stores in a few months time and available for me to buy. This camera is suitable for beginner photographers by the way. Suitable for me I guess. No need for me to buy those high end DSLR cameras….yet. I repeat, palan2 bo gia~ x)

I’m happy that my parents are supporting and encouraging me engaging myself in photography as my hobby. They are even willing to add few amounts of money for this DSLR camera. I appreciate their help but I myself must ‘ikat perut'(doesn’t mean that I’m going to eat seldomly…NO. It means I’ll have to refrain myself from shopping and spending on unnecessary things). Only then it will be fair between my parents and I. LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!! I think I’m going to do a photography project that involves them as being my models. *evil laugh* xD It’s like saying ‘thank you’ to them. That’s if they are willing to be the models. Hehe~ x)


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